Flipping: The Book

Re-released: May 15th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0983906599
Hardcover: $26.95
PB $14.95
e-reader $3.99
Specs: 284 pages; 5.5″ x 8.25″
Publisher: Gazebo Gardens Publishing
Moonlight Garden Publications imprint

The catastrophic and now, historical, real life drama of the real estate market boom and subsequent stock market crash of 2008 has inspired many authors to write on the subject.

Author, Mary Ellenton is one of the first to portray the spectacular events in fiction form as they still create headlines across the globe. In addition to offering an eye opening, behind the scenes view of the predatory lenders of the mortgage industry, FLIPPING exposes the invisible minefield that lies between ambition and success for females in the business world that todays women are all too accustom with navigating through.

Fay Famaghetti is ready for a change. She realizes that she is meant for something beyond the drudgery of working in her family’s Italian restaurant business. When she moves from her hometown of Brooklyn, New York to suburban Long Island, a unique opportunity in a traditionally male dominated profession presents itself and with not much more than a supercharged ambition and an accounting degree, self-assured Fay decides to go for it.

Willfully seduced by the greed of the era and prospering in the murky waters of a corrupted system, Fay quickly gets in over her head while mixing business with pleasure within the treacherous industry that helped tumble the world’s greatest economy.